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10 June 2010

The Mousetrap

Because I have the end-of-quarter approaching, this post is brief and noticeably different from what passes for "the usual" on this blog.

I finished reading Agatha Christie's famous play, The Mousetrap, yesterday, and I'm not sure that it was worth the hype derived from its well-known resistance to exposing the ending. However, in the interest of furthering the joke, I will note that the following concerns the denouement and, thus, contains spoilers.


The female lead gets a nice hat, and the pie burns.


  1. Why don't you have another selection that says "Strange" in addition to Good, Bad, or Ugly?

  2. As I recall, the system would only allow me to pick three options.

    Besides, the fact that I write strange things isn't exactly breaking news, is it? ;)


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