Missing Things

24 November 2011

I don't know, what do you think?

The chief drives of the human-being-as-biological-organism are supposed to be food and sex.

Most of the modern world's social ailments, though, can be linked to a surplus or shortage of one or both of these - obesity, anorexia, health fads, body-image disorders, divorce, infidelity, depopulation, and infanticide all come to mind.

This thought is incomplete. The existence of a connection is self-evident, but I'm not sure what it might be or whether it's even significant.

I am, however, reminded of the two injunctions carved over the Oracle at Delphi, as recorded by Socrates through Plato. I spend a lot of time thinking about Know Thyself; this seems to be an apt reminder (and, personally, rather a needed one) of the necessity of Moderation in All Things.

Happy Thanksgiving.