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19 May 2011

A comment on God...

Really, God is basically the Eldritch Abomination to end all. Unimaginably vast? Check. Entirely not-of-this-world, existing in forms and places we can't imagine? Check. Not to be looked at directly lest you Go Mad From The Revelation? Check. Gets around that by manifesting in metaphorical images that may suggest to outsiders that you might be mad anyway? Check. Not to be named because no one knows how to pronounce it? Yay verily, and more! Thinks and acts in ways that the human mind cannot comprehend? Check. Likely to cause the end of everything if it pokes reality the wrong way? Check. What is NOT bloody freaking AWESOME about this picture?

And now you're going to tell me your hero doesn't like that and is going to kill him by poking him with an exceptionally shiny stick. And then insinuate that my problem is lack of creativity and imagination and zeal for the new and unfamiliar. Right.

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